How to Choose a Useful Car Cleaning Towel?

Aug. 25, 2021

For most car owners, car cleaning towels are not unfamiliar. This is a car cleaning tool that most car owners often use. If the quality of the car cleaning towels is not good, then it is likely to cause damage to the car paint when we wipe the car. It must be damaged, how to choose a suitable car towel? As a Car Drying Towel Wholesale, share it with everyone.

Car Drying Towel

Car Drying Towel

1. First of all, choose the soft texture of the car wiper. The softness here refers to the soft-haired car wiper. Try to choose fine fiber. Such a towel will not hurt the car if it is used for a long time in a timely manner.

2. Choose a car wiping towel that does not shed hair. If the towel is easy to shed hair, then after wiping the car, the surface of the car is full of fine fibers, which is counterproductive.

3. The water absorption should be strong. The stronger the water absorption of the car wash towel, the better. After washing the car, there are a lot of water droplets on the car. It is easier to scratch the car paint, so a car wiping towel with good water absorption is a better choice.

Precautions and skills in wiping the car:

Never omit the action of drying the car! Drying the car after washing the car can avoid water stains. Water stains are caused by the precipitation of minerals in the water droplets that erode the car paint. All water has minerals, whether it is water from a tap or rainwater. The minerals left after the water droplets evaporate eventually become the source of water stains. Then how to wipe the car to achieve the best effect?

1. Start with windows and rearview mirrors. Use a wiper to scrape off any remaining moisture. There are many ways to dry the car, but the action must be fast. Want to quickly remove excess water. You can choose to use water-repellent bright wax, which can wipe off 80% of the water under the safety of the car paint. Then use a water blower to dry the water in the door cracks and corners.

2. When wiping the car, use a special microfiber towel, and also use natural or artificial suede. It is very soft and has an excellent texture that makes you very happy to use.

3. The exterior of the car is wiped dry, and the side pillars and gaps beside the door should not be missed. Open the trunk and hood to dry the slit edges.

4. Use a special towel or suede to dry the steel ring. Do not use the cloth for wiping the steel ring to wipe the car to avoid secondary pollution.

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