How To Choose The Right Microfiber Cloth

Jan. 28, 2022

The key to choosing the right microfiber cloth is to match the right tool to the task. Before you go out and buy just any microfiber cloth make sure it's high quality and if you are interested in trying out a variety of microfiber cloths, check out our Variety Pack Of Microfiber Towels!

What are the benefits to using microfiber?

Microfiber is superior to cotton when it comes to cleaning. A single microfiber is much smaller than a single strand of cotton, thus able to pick up more dirt, dust, debris, and even germs. It's also more absorbent than cotton. Because it lasts longer than cotton and stays effective after hundreds of launderings it can even save you money. Microfiber cleans great on it's own so all you need is water to effectively clean surfaces, you won't need to buy as many cleaning chemicals. It's also longer lasting,

What makes a high quality microfiber towel?

It will feel grippy when you run your hand across it. That means it will effectively pickup dust and dirt

It will "suck up" spills rather than just push them along the surface

Make sure it is thick by stretching the towel while holding it up to the sun. If you can see through it really easily like a cheesecloth, it's not a thick microfiber towel and probably won't absorb well or last long

Make sure your towel is 80/20 or 70/30 polyester to polyamide blend. These are the most popular blends for those who use microfiber professionally

How to Wash Microfiber Towels

3 things to remember when washing microfiber towels:

Max heat 140° F on tumble dry. Microfiber is made of synthetic materials that can melt under extreme heat

No Fabric Softener! It clogs the open spaces in the microfiber, making the fabric less effective

Only wash microfiber with other microfiber or non-linting synthetics

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