What is the Correct Way To Wash a Car?

Sep. 10, 2021

As a car cleaning tools supplier, I'd like to share it with you.

Car washing is the most basic part of the car beauty shop, and it is also the item most selected by customers. Car washing is to keep the car clean and beautiful, but sometimes if the operation is improper, it is not only not washing the car but damaging the paint, causing the car to be damaged. Fancy fine lines may come from poor car washing methods. Careful wiping is the best care for your car.

Incorrect methods will leave more or less spiral patterns and scratches on the car, which may require grinding or polishing to recover in the future. As long as you follow the following simple techniques when washing and wiping the car, you can eliminate these problems and save your workload.

Car Wash Frequently

Because some dirt will quickly cause long-term damage to the car paint, insect corpses and bird droppings are two natural enemies of car paint. If they are not removed quickly, the protein in the corpse and bird droppings will stick to the paint surface, and the organic acid produced will penetrate and decompose the gold oil layer of the car. The light spots on the gold oil layer will make the car vulnerable to corrosion and fading. Another problem is the dust produced by the brakes. These small metal fragments are from the material of the pad. Imagine the dust that splashes with the car and the chemical on the road. Substances, they spray and stick to your car almost invisible to the naked eye. The brake dust itself is corrosive and sticky. Washing the car frequently every week can prevent these dirt from causing trouble.

Choice of Car Wash Tools

Microfiber car wash sponge

Microfiber car wash sponge

Generally speaking, sponges and gloves have longer and deeper piles, which are better than plain woven fabrics and dense sponges. For example, natural sponges have many deep pores that can accumulate dirt and some debris. Natural fibers will not scratch the paint and will bring dirt into the pores of the sponge. In addition to using the softer side of the sponge, don't forget to rinse thoroughly before using it to wash the dirt and fine sand on the car.

Microfiber gloves are another good choice. Microfiber is basically composed of polyester fiber and nylon, so it will not scratch the paint when used. It can catch large and small sand particles without leaving them on the surface of the car, so these dirt must be washed off frequently when using it.

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